POP-Maize-N Wholesale products are a great way to bring additional funds to your organization.

How to order:

  • Select a minimum of 10 of each flavor you would like to sell
  • Select ” Invoice Me (Business use Only” as payment method
  • We will confirm your order via email before the order is filled.
  • We will start processing your order after the order has been confirmed.
  • Orders can take up to 7 days to prepare.
  • Will contact you when your order is ready for pickup.


  • Sweet and Premium flavored popcorns have a longer shelf life than Savory flavors so unless you except to sell all your savory selection quickly stick with the Sweet and Premium flavors.
  • #1 Flavor for Kids: Rainbow – A colorful blend of 6 fruit flavors.
  • Flavors that contain chocolate may experience melting during warm weather.