Americans consume 14 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually or 43 quarts per man, woman and child according to Popcorn is a favorite snack of many and with our fundraiser it can also be your favorite way to earn money for your organization any time of the year. We selected our most popular favors, packaged them in our exclusive fundraiser stay fresh containers.  We offer three ways to  fundraise, earning the much needed money for your organization.

  1. Download our POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Info v1  to share information about our fundraiser with your organization.
  2. Fill out our POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Coordinators Information sheet so we can get basic information about your organization, duration of fundraiser and fundraising goal.
  3. We will send you back our POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Agreement (sample) to be signed by both parties when your ready to start your fundraiser.

Starting the Fundraiser

(After the POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Agreement has been signed)

  1. We will provide you with with printed copies of our POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Form (sample)

2. We will provide you with our exclusive POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Goal Calculator that will assist you in setting selling goals for participate.


4. After you have collected the POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Form from your participants we provide you with a  POP-Maize-N Fundraiser Master Calculator Workbook (sample) to consolidate all your orders on one sheet before submitting the order to us.

5. After we have received the order, we will have it ready for you to deliver within 10 – 14 days