Cinnamon Roll Popcorn


Bag Size:

7 oz Net Weight

Approximately 4+ cups of Popcorn


Starting with our classic caramel popcorn, we flavor it with cinnamon and drizzle it with white chocolate to achieve a cinnamon roll taste that will amaze you.  Be prepare to bring some excitement to your taste buds. Our Cinnamon Roll flavored popcorn will have you believing you’re actually eating a “crunchy” Cinnamon Roll.


Popcorn shouldn’t taste this good but ours does!! Our popcorn has been described as an Amazing Adventure for Your Palate.


ο  We pop our popcorn daily in small batches so you can have the freshest product we can deliver


ο  We package your popcorn right after we receive your order and send it directly to you to ensure freshness


ο  We use Non-GMO kernels and 100% Coconut Oil to pop our popcorn


ο  We use Premium Cheddar that contains 0g of Trans Fat


Warm Weather Warning: Popcorn with chocolate as an ingredient may experience some melting when shipped during warm weather.


Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Allergens Contains:

Milk, Soy


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