First, forget everything you know about flavored popcorn, because if you’re like me, you expect flavored popcorn to be stale, bland, unimaginative and ultimately, not to taste anything like the “flavors” it attempts to emulate. Enter Pop-maize-N. My expectations were completely shattered by how good this popcorn was. Flavors like s’mores, lemon pound cake and banana pudding might sound too ambitious to be true, but each one is executed flawlessly and really tastes just like its moniker. The banana pudding even has pieces of vanilla wafer! Coupled with the original recipes and surprisingly good flavor is a friendly and helpful staff that makes you feel welcome. One of the easiest five star reviews I’ve ever written. If you have passed by this place without stopping in, make sure you put it on your to do list. The free samples will guarantee that you don’t leave empty handed.